Grand Prix Rennes 2021
Rennes St Jacques

Funny Bounce

My first time playing in Rennes. The course was interesting, relatively short but some holes were very tight and demanded pin-point precision from the tee. In addition the course was very dry meaning some funny (and not so funny) bounces. Occasionally you might be lucky and find your ball 30m further on from where it landed on the fairway or more likely 20m in the forest left or to the right.


I felt like my game was pretty good all week. I had patches of super solid golf where I was able to make birdies effortlessly mainly due to some excellent wedging which I've been working on a lot recently. Unfortunately, there were moments where I made some mistakes that were costly in terms of my score - but that's how golf is, it's that kind of game.


Birdies over 3 rounds

In the end I finished level par for the 3 rounds, but I was reasonably happy with this as I made 15 or so birdies over the weekend which is a good indicator of what I'm capable of right now. It's always easier to eliminate a few bogeys (and surely the 3 double-bogeys) than it is to make birdies, so overall my game is not far off making some very good scores over the next few weeks. There are many positives to take away from the tournament and some areas to continue working on to improve my results.

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