Claude Churchward

a golfing odyssey

Grand Prix Pau 2022

Hello, Bonjour, and Welcome

There are thousands of good golfers who are trying to play professionally but as far as I know there is only one called Claude Churchward so here is my story and what I am about.

I only discovered golf when I was about 8 years old thanks to a family friend. I started by hitting a few balls in a field during the summer. Soon after, my parents decided to take me along to the local club (Golf d’Albret) where I met François, the then club pro. François and I got along great. He helped me improve enormously but made sure I understood the values of golf, like respect, hard work and etiquette. Little by little I started to compete at a higher level. I really enjoyed trying to improve and found myself loving the competition. By the time I was eighteen, I had won some of the biggest individual amateur events in France with the highlight being winning gold at the European Boys Team Championships.


After this I decided to go to America on a golf scholarship. University was a different experience. I had less time for golf and had to focus on my grades. Following four years in North Carolina, I graduated with a degree from Campbell University.

Now I am back home in France and ready to commit fully to playing golf. I am expecting to turn pro in the next months with the goal of securing a full tour card on one of the world’s main tours.

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