Danish Amateur Championship


The course is simply stunning. Silkeborg is a challenging course that requires precision off the tee. The fairways are lined with tall pine trees and the undergrowth is very penalising. The design is really good because it is fair. It is clear that if you play poorly it is going to be a tough day but if you are in control you should be able to take advantage of scoring opportunities. Of all the places I have played this one ranks high on my list.

The tournament

The tournament was a difficult one for me. I didn't have my best out there all week. I struggled off the tee mostly and was often slightly out of position which meant I was conceding a lot of bogeys. Knowing I wasn't on top form I tried to find different options to give myself a chance of scoring. The prime example of this was on my third round where I managed to get a few putts to roll in and finished bellow par. On the other days however I never broke par and this impacted my finishing position. I finished T22 for the week, a long way from expectations, but that is how it goes sometimes. Obviously I am not too pleased about it but I need to accept it and come back stronger.


Yes, Denmark is the birthplace of Lego! Since my flight was late on the day after the tournament I decided to spend the day in the world of Lego. It was actually really fun and impressive. I enjoyed my time there and would recommend going there.

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