Borth & Ynyslas Golf Club
A lovely place to play golf

Links Golf

We have travelled up to stay with my Gran in deepest Wales for a few days before moving on to the Boys Amateur Championship over in Northern Ireland. I don't have many opportunities to play links golf so while I'm here I will try to spend as much time as possible playing at Borth and Ynyslas Golf Club

It's a traditional "out and back" links course with some very exposed holes to open and close with and the remainder in the dunes. It's not that long but there are plenty of interesting holes to make it a challenge - especially when the wind is blowing, which it often does! The course has suffered a bit with the recent heatwave but I'm not bothered about that because I'm here to play in strong wind (and rain) and get a feel for how the ball reacts from the rough, fairway etc. Sometimes it's pretty frustrating but at other times very rewarding. It's a great learning experience.

Everyone I've met out on the course, in the clubhouse and pro-shop has been very friendly and I really like playing the course, so much so I became a member soon after arriving. Dad couldn't believe how cheap it was to join compared to what it would have cost in France! So now I can come and go more or less as I please and try to get to grips with a very different style of golf. The important word here is: "try" because it's not easy!!

If you are ever in the area why not give it a go?


2nd Tee
Stunning Welsh skyline
Another windy day at Borth & Ynyslas Golf Club
On the back nine into the wind
The longest lateral water hazard I've ever seen
A classic links running alongside the shoreline
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